Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gemnogene Stalking

Since living in Africa Jason has become quite the bird identifier. Today we saw a huge bird circling around the pine forest, well actually we first heard the chickens in a huge uproar, then we spotted it. Jason ran to get his binoculars as I ran for the camera then we went off stalking it for a good look. As I type this story I realize just how limited our entertainment is here.  Turns out, it was a gymnogene bird. It took a lot of creeping to finally get a picture of it, and even then it was from really far away so the pictures are really blurry. But, without furthur ado, here it is...
 They have a great hair-do! We love getting to see animals we wouldn't get to see at home in States. It always feels so adventurous. : )
Happy Wednesday from us and Mr. Gemnognene!

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