Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Roanoke Days

So, we have been in Roanoke for the past weeks with my family and it has been so great! Time is flying by, can't believe we are almost a month away from leaving for Zambia. One special blessing about being in Ft. Worth is that Jason and I have been able to talk about Zambia with one bible class so far, and hopefully a couple more from The Hills Church of Christ. They helped support our one-time cost fund through their Greater Things campaign so we have just been really excited to have time to spend with another loving, supportive, and missions minded church who is partnering with our team.

We are looking forward to all that is planned for the last couple of weeks here, more time with friends and family, shopping for last minute supplies (I love shopping for anything, even the mundane i.e socks, slime bike tubes, and travel toilet paper), the supporters module with Halbert Institute of Missions, and of course the family Christmas which we will have early since Jason and I will be in Chattanooga on the 25th.

While I have been keeping myself pretty busy catching up with friends and preparing for goodbyes Jason has been working at the ranch with my Dad doing what he loves to do. Today they "worked" calves, which gave me the perfect opportunity to take pictures of the precious little babies. If only they could stay small and cute for forever, but then again that wouldn't be too good for the cattle business I suppose. I will leave you with a few pictures from today.

I hope everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit and enjoying December!