Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jacaranda trees and preparing for piglets

After our weekly apprentice class this morning I thought it might be a good time for a picture of the beautiful Jacaranda trees that are blooming right now. We are tredging through our dry season (no rain since early May), everything is brown, dusty, or burned except for the one tree that blooms during this otherwise not so pretty time of year. We have one in front of our house and there are a whole line of them on the other side of the school campus. Here a couple pictures for you see:

Jason with his friend Pertheus. They are working on building pig pens for the piglets that will be born soon.
That's all for today's short update. Our ladies seminar starts on Thursday. We are so excited about the women wanting to learn easy techniques for teaching Sunday school at their churches. Hopefully we will have a good post for that next week. Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Latest Newsletter

Below is our latest apprentice team newsletter. To view larger click on the image then use the magnifying glass tool to zoom in on the text. Some of the information is repetitive from the family seminar but Jason wrote a good update on the Ag program in our "Notes from Jason and Erin" section. Enjoy!

Friday, September 16, 2011

South Luangwa National Park

We are back in Mumena after an amazing trip to South Luangwa National Park. We left Mumena last Thursday, drove 9 hours to Lusaka, then 10 hours on Saturday driving from Lusaka to the park. We camped for 3 nights at Track and Trail lodge which was only a few km from the park entrance. Each night we had elephant and hippo come through the camp which made for interesting nightly music. We saw so many animals we couldn't believe it. I wish I could upload all of our pictures but it has taken a couple hours to upload this many so maybe another time I will add more. Hope these pictures make you want to visit us in Zambia!

Sun setting over the Luangwa River

Gray Hornbill

Water Buffalo
Puku mother and fawn

Lion and elephant herd drinking from a stream

Impala's sparing

Carmine Bee-eater

Lioness resting on our night drive. Her pride had eaten a small elephant that day. I imagine they were pretty full and ready for a good nap!

favorite African animal

Male lion resting in the sun very early in the morning

Impala buck

Puku buck



young Zebra

female Kudu

A beautiful herd of giraffe came right in front of the jeep. They always move as if in slow motion.

Hyena eating a zebra on our night drive... yucky but Jason likes this picture

Bush Buck herd

Mommy and baby elephant

I love the impala's lanky awkwardness

Lilacbreasted Roller

We were hoping to see leopard but were beginning to think we wouldn't be able to because they are quite elusive. On our last morning drive we just happened to run into this little lady resting by the road. She stayed for a couple seconds then slowly got up and walked off.

Africa is a playground for animal lovers. We have been blessed to have the opportunity to see the Master's beautiful creations in their natural habitats. Each animal being uniquely different and all made for specific purposes, what a creative God we serve!