Friday, October 28, 2011

InstaMumena Friday

I have seen a few blogs lately share this idea of Instagram match up on Fridays. I am relatively new to Instagram but am really enjoying the opportunity to chronicle the mundane, funny, or pretty experiences during the week. So, here is our week....
This is our kinsanza on our back yard termite mound. To help you get a scale for how tall our mound is....lets just say it's about the height of our house. The breeze on top is great though!

It has been over 95 in our house consistently every day this past two weeks. We THOUGHT we were going to get away with not having to experience the "miserable" part of October we had been warned about. We THOUGHT this because a few rain showers came early. Well, we were teased by the short lived showers. That "miserable heat" part of October has been here full fledged lately. Wish I could share a pic of the day Jason and I napped with two regular fans blowing on us plus two personal mini size fans next to each of our faces.

A pretty from the garden

Last night we enjoyed pizza we had been waiting to make for a while. Pepperoni from the States, mozzarella from a grocery store 9 hours away, and homemade dough. It WAS worth the wait!

Cecilia one of our kittens playing with a lizard. Bless that lizard's little heart. I don't think it lasted too long.
Well that is all for InstaMumena Friday. Hope everyone has a restful weekend!

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