Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Independance Day Zambia!

47 years ago today Zambia became the 9th African state to gain it's independence from the British crown. Today we had the privilege of celebrating this event with the students, teachers, parents, and head men of all of the surrounding villages. The festivities started last night and will carry on through late this evening. Mumena B Basic School (the campus of which we live on) is hosting all of the events. It is so neat to see Zambians coming together to commemorate their country's independence. Here a few pictures from today so far...
Dressed up for a "cultural dance"

The "witch doctor" dance. Somewhat creepy of a costume if you ask me but it was helpful for our cultural learning : )

Sweet Aggie  posing for me

More dancing

Emily Love (Emily is one of the daughters of team members Rick and Karen Love). She was not too happy about me taking pictures of her.

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