Friday, October 15, 2010


Last week I got to go on a quick trip to Jamaica with a group from our church here in TN. East Brainerd supports a Jamaican preacher who ministers to a church in Lucea, a very impoverished town on the island. So, this group of women that I joined goes for a week to encourage and spend time with the women of Lucea Church of Christ each year. The church is mostly women because it is very difficult to get Jamaican men to attend either on their own or even with their wives and children. The idea this year was to offer a Ladies Conference. Twice a day we had singing, a lesson, and time to just get to know one another and have some "girl time."The conference was a great success, many women of a variety of ages attended and they seemed to really enjoy our time together and appreciate the lessons on faith,hope, and love. So...a few pictures from Jamaica...

Craft time (bookmarks)

The sunset views were so pretty, I had to show one

Less than three months until our departure for Zambia!

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