Monday, October 25, 2010

Davis Family Vacation

Over fall break Jason's parents took us to their time share in Freeport. The Bahamas were beautiful. The water was crystal clear, skies were blue everyday, and we were in a quiet area equipped for walking straight into the water to snorkel anytime we pleased. It was a fun and memorable first official "Davis family vacation" for me. There were many games of shuffleboard (Whitney and I were quite the champs I must say), hours of reading while laying in the sun, and of course, multiple Texas Ranger game viewings. What a blessing it was to be able to spend time relaxing with family in an amazing setting when we are only a couple months from being across the pond from many of our loved ones. Here are a few highlights...

The view

Jason and the giant snapper

I love that my husband makes friends with a fisherman one day then spends the next two days learning the spear fishing trade while bringing back yummy fresh fish for everyone to eat.

The whole family

We have been married for 5 months now. Time flies when you are happy in love being married to your best friend.

Just the cutest and happiest sea creatures in the world. My own opinion of course. But when I see them I can't help but giggle with delight

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