Thursday, November 17, 2011

Insta-Mumena Part II

Although I have put intagramming on the back burner a bit the past couple of weeks I do have a couple of photos and one horrific story to tell:

Welcome to our front yard:
Lake front living; it's quite luxurious!
Care packages:
My sister and brother-in-law are some of the world's greatest care package givers. They always manage to fit more in one box than I thought possible and send wonderful goodies. Maeci does have an advantage above many when it comes to care packages because she sent them to Daniel during his two 1 year deployments in Iraq. So she has had practice...I was extra excited about the packages received today because Maeci sent lots of zip lock bags. We re-use them here because you cannot get the durable clasp kind so we try to hold on to the "American" ones for as long as sanitarily tolerable. There were also many other GREAT goods inclosed but I took a picture with the baggies to show my sister just how happy I am! It's the simple things in life...

With these new rains comes a certain new type of spider (the rain/huntsman spider) that has been taunting me this week in the evenings. Twice I have reading on the couch and out of the corner of my eye I see something large moving very quickly. This "something large" has turned out the be the largest spider I have ever come in human contact with running around the living room specifically the coffee table in circles so fast that my eyes can hardly keep up. I immediately jump from the couch to the ottoman trying to stay out of the creepy crawler's or should I say sprinter's way while brainstorming how to get to the fly swatter. Well to make a long story short both nights this happened by the time I got to the swatter the obese yet highly athletic spider is no where to be found. But also on both nights, when it has been time for bed I have seen this same type of spider RUNNING HORIZONTALLY across the bedroom wall. At which point I close myself in the mosquito net and make Jason chase it down and kill it. Anyways, I have reason to believe there is a family of spiders living for the purpose of tormenting me. Below I drew a diagram of how large this type of spider is compared to my hand (this is to scale, not exaggerated, but they can get bigger, so I have now read). Also, thanks to pinterst I found a quote that perfectly describes this week's nights for me.

Hope you enjoyed this Insta-Mumena update. Have a happy day!


  1. How does one send a care package to Mrs. Erin? Your doing such a great job over there and you look like you are having tons of adventures!
    This is Jennifer Goldinger BTW.

    1. Hey girl! Believe it or not packages get all the way here from the USPS in about 3 weeks. It is pretty amazing. We have a mailbox in town (about an hour away). It has been so nice to get special goodies from the States every now and again. Thanks so much for reading our updates!